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Our Vision

Businesses today are often misguided when looking to use blockchain technology as a solution to solve problems that can't be easily solved with existing technologies. Meanwhile, blockchain projects struggle to connect with the intended customers and are facing serious barriers to consumer adoption. We at Cypher Core strive to become the medium where not only can the projects reach a wider client base, businesses can also find the right solutions by learning the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

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Our Team

We are blockchain enthusiasts who believe that blockchain technology, as a disruptive innovation, is poised to revolutionize the commerce world across every industry. Moreover, we are a collective of professionals with a shared passion to expose and deliver infallible opportunities for investors and consumers alike. 

Our Services

Staking as a Service

With a highly secure and reliable staking infrastructure, we operate validator nodes on multiple Proof of Stake based protocols. By delegating stakes to our nodes, investors earn rewards while helping secure the network.

Event Hosting

With the goal of encouraging blockchain awareness within the general public, we host educational events to help a wide range of investors and enthusiasts alike understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology.


By pairing industry professionals with highly skilled financial analysts and Blockchain architects , we provide in-depth analysis on a wide range of blockchain projects along with quality insights on their market potential.

Our Projects

Our Portfolio

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