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Staking as a Service

With a highly secure and reliable staking infrastructure, we operate validator nodes on multiple Proof of Stake based protocols. By delegating stakes to our nodes, investors earn rewards while helping secure the network.

Event Hosting

With the goal of encouraging blockchain awareness within the general public, we host educational events to help a wide range of investors and enthusiasts alike understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology.


By pairing industry professionals with highly skilled financial analysts and Blockchain architects , we provide in-depth analysis on a wide range of blockchain projects along with quality insights on their market potential.

Who We Are

We are blockchain enthusiasts who believe that blockchain technology, as a disruptive innovation, is poised to revolutionize the commerce world across every industry. Moreover, we are a collective of professionals with a shared passion to expose and deliver infallible opportunities for investors and consumers alike.


Many businesses today struggle to connect with the intended customers and are facing serious barriers to consumer adoption. They turn to blockchain for a solution but often end up being misguided.


Cypher Core strives to become the medium where not only can the projects reach a wider client base, businesses can also find the right solutions by learning the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

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Staking Service


In a distributed Proof-of-Stake system where network partitions are inevitable, we prioritize consistency over availability due to the harsher penalty for inconsistency than unavailability.


We believe the basis of reliability is simplicity. Complication often ends up being over-promising and under-performing. What’s a good system if you can’t sufficiently maintain it?


Security cannot be guaranteed but resilience can. We fully adapt the “Prevention, Detection and Response” approach standardized in the Information Security industry to mitigate risks.

Key Management

We store our private keys on a HSM to prevent the keys being left exposed on the validator host. Our HSM has full Ed25519 signature support, and is used in signing votes and submitting block proposals.

DDoS Protection

Geographically distributed sentry nodes are utilized to shift the burden of DDoS from the validator node(s), and can be quickly spun up or configured to mitigate the impact of existing attacks.


We collect a wide range of metrics including metrics exposed by the consensus protocol. Our ultimate goal is to develop one integrated tooling that combines metrics , monitoring and alerting.

Our Team

Jay Jie

Jay Jie


Jay fell into the blockchain rabbit hole in 2016 and hasn’t been able to get out. He loves his pitbull and enjoys weight training.

Ken Trueba

Ken Trueba


Coming from sales management and finance Ken fulfills the missing element of the team. He enjoys cooking and hiking with his dogs.

Artem Akatev

Artem Akatev

Lead Developer

Artem juggles web development, blockchain, and cryptography. He enjoys working on cars, and playing basketball.

Jason Maehr

Jason Maehr


Wharton School of Business graduate, ex-Wall Streeter, Jason looks out for the team with his experience. And kindness.

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Mountain View, CA, United States
Phone: +1 (541) 908-4148